content is optimized content is optimized

content is optimized content is optimized

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This tool helps you optimize your content to give it the best chance of being found in search engines when people are looking for it. Start by choosing a few focus keywords that best describe your article, then SmartCrawl will give you recommendations to make sure your content is optimized.

Content is ultimately the bread and butter of your SEO. Without words, your pages and posts will have a hard time ranking for the keywords you want them to. As a base for any article best practice suggests a minimum of 300 words, with 1000 being a good benchmark and 1600 is optimal. Numerous studies have uncovered that longer content tends to perform better than shorter content, with pages having 1000 words or more performing best. Whilst optimizing your content for search engines is what we’re going for here, a proven bi-product is that high-quality long-form articles also tend to get shared more on social platforms. With the increasing power of social media as a tool for traffic, it’s a nice flow-on effect of writing those juicy high-quality articles your readers are waiting for.

content is optimized content is optimized

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